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- LaToya T. Jackson

After losing my husband just 2 months after our storybook wedding, I was left with deep depression, feelings of inadequacy and no desire to continue living. I believed that because God took my husband from me, that he didn't care for me or love me anymore. Why would a loving God allow such pain?! What had I done to deserve this?


Through prayer and seeking answers directly from my creator, HE revealed to me that I hadn't done anything wrong. That my life is actually not my own, but that it belongs to him. Everything that I was going through was to help someone in their journey. When I stepped outside of my own grief, I then began to see God's unconditional love for me and that there is great Purpose For My Pain, but only if I allowed him to use me. I accepted the challenge.

From the belly of my pain, PURPOSE was birthed. When I realized that the loss of my husband had meaning, I began to embrace it and to walk upright in it. "365 Days of Separation" and "Unfair Encounters" were written to bring light to dark places and to help others realize that no challenge is too great to overcome. Your FAITH and your ATTITUDE  towards the obstacles of life will dictate your ALTITUDE.

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As a little girl I've always been business minded. From selling popsicles on the corner in the summertime, to selling stickers to the kids at school, I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit.


In 2012, I opened a brick and mortar clothing store called "Flair 4 Fashion" in my hometown in Kentucky. Although I enjoyed having my own boutique, the timing was not right and my heart wasn't in it. I closed the store and moved to Cleveland to be with the man that would later become my husband.

After losing the person that gave my life meaning, I began writing and traveling as a form of therapy. It was in preparation for a trip to Miami, that I searched high and low for a show-stopping bikini that would be fitting for South Beach, complete with lots of sparkle and shine. I couldn't find anything less than $200. I decided to make one since I couldn't find anything reasonably priced. 

As a result, 'Blinged Out Bikinis' was born. A one stop shop for all things blinged out and sparkly for the girliest of girls. We specialize in 1 piece bathing suits, bikinis, and bridal beachwear.


I've had the privilege of having national exposure and telling my story to the masses on CBS at The Doctor's Show. Through that appearance I was invited to Florida to speak at the "Staying Conditioned For Success Conference", with Life Strategist Gary Coxe.

I also appeared on The CW Network, sharing my story on the show Vacation Creation in Papeete, Tahiti with comedian Tommy Davidson and Andrea Fezko.

I was offered a show on the Lifetime Network called "This Time Next Year".

I've also spoken to several groups including grief support and youth groups, about overcoming obstacles, life after loss, and following your dreams. 

Book me to speak at your next business, organizational, or community event.

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